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Blockchain Payment Integration

Accept Bitcoin & Altcoins for your Online and Retail Store

Why accept Bitcoin

Lower Transaction fees

Avoid 3% credit card transaction fees. Bitcoin transactions fees are as low as 1% on every transaction. Instantly converts Bitcoin to your own currency and direct deposits the funds into your bank account.

International Payments

Sell your products and services around the world from any computer, tablet or mobile device and get paid in Bitcoin with inexpensive cross-border transaction fees. Eliminate international credit card fees.

Fraud Prevention

Credit Card & Banks don’t provide the level of identity-theft protection that Bitcoin offers. There is no personal information involved. Bitcoin payments are irreversible so there will not be any chargebacks like credit cards do.

Faster Payments

Payments by credit cards can take days or weeks to get funds. Accepting Bitcoin payments have the ability to put the funds instantly into your account without any processing time.

Who accepts Bitcoin

If you are wondering who is accepting Bitcoin, please see the major corporations that are accepting Bitcoin. This means your business can too!

Any type and size business and corporation can get paid in Bitcoin. Whether you are selling products online, have a retail store front, or any services offered, your business can get paid in Bitcoin like all these major corporations.


Bitcoin Payment Integration Process


1. Your Store

Your customers are buying your products or services from your store. Then they select to pay with Bitcoin in the checkout process.


2. Bitcoin Payment Gateway

The Gateway converts instantly the Bitcoins in a locked-in exchange rate, protecting you from volatility in the market.


3. Your Bank

Payment are converted into your currency and directly deposited into your bank account. Settles are in US Dollars and 38 other currencies.

Bitcoin Payment Integrations

We have the right solutions for Bitcoin payment integration for your business. We work with many payment gateway companies that best fits your needs.

We use most of the common shopping cart processors to integrate Bitcoin payment into your online and retail store. If you work with any of these shopping cart processors you are ready to go and half way in getting Bitcoin payment integration done!


Adriano Tosi - CEO/Founder

What Exactly We Do

We will integrate Bitcoin payment processing into your website and/or into your retail store front. The process of accepting Bitcoin is similar to regular credit card processing. The huge advantage with Bitcoin payments is getting the payment almost instantly.

We have been working with e-Commerce applications for more than 15 years with national and international clients. Our goal is providing our clients with topnotch new technology. We are a 100% transparent business and we get things done right!

Be ahead of the Game!

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Accepting Bitcoin

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